About us


Vegan Food UK is a community of like minded individuals brought together for their love of plant-based foods.

Started in 2015 and founded by Janine Henderson and Liam Day, the community has grown from 100 members to 60,000 in just a short amount of time.

What makes Vegan Food UK so special is its support network. We have so many new vegans joining every week and even meat eaters and vegetarians who are interested in what vegans eat. We welcome everyone into the community because we believe that good vegan food (and of course the occasional naughty treats) can inspire anyone to go vegan.

We are proud of our reputation across social media and the internet for being a friendly, positive and supportive community. The aim is to educate and inspire, and that’s exactly what we do through plant-based news, blogs, events, recipes, videos and of course those beautiful food photos from all of our members.

Please connect with the community through this website and also our social media networks:-

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