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– 100% cotton t-shirts.
– Printed in the UK using only vegan inks.
– Women’s Fitted / Unisex Semi-Fitted For sizing, see size chart in images.

Care instructions:
We recommend turning garment inside out before washing.
Do not iron directly on design.


– Ceramic
– Dishwasher safe
– Microwave safe
– 284ml

Care Instructions

We recommend hand washing these mugs to retain the beautiful colours.

Restaurant Activism Cards

Pack of x20 cards
Eat for the future!
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The Ultimate Vegan Gift Bundle: Mug + T-Shirt + Activism Cards

Save money by buying these three gift items all together: the “CRUELTY FREE CUPPA’ mug, the PLANT EATER t-shirt and the vegan activism cards. 


By wearing this PLANT EATER t-shirt you are telling the world how great it feels to be vegan.

Being vegan is a healthy, sustainable & cruelty-free lifestyle that you should be proud to wear on your t-shirt. So say it loud…you are a PLANT EATER and you are loving it!

Our Women’s  & Unisex PLANT EATER t-shirts are available in Black and come in all different sizes. They are 100% cotton and we only use 100% vegan ink for our designs. 


Never Get Mugged-off Again with this Beautiful Vegan Mug

This “CRUELTY FREE CUPPA” mug shows the world that you are vegan and believe that no animal has to be harmed for you to enjoy your favourite hot drink. 

Unfortunately the most common ingredient to go into a mug is still milk from a cow, but with this cup you will show the world that YOU enjoy cruelty-free pleasures, whether it’s Oaty Lattes, Coconut Flat Whites or simply a cup of your favourite tea.

What about at work, when someone has kindly offered to make you a hot drink? This mug will tell them for you that you do not want cow’s milk in your cup.

With beautiful rainbows and iconic cow symbol, these mugs also make a fantastic gift if you know someone is vegan – perhaps filling it with their favourite dairy-free chocolate?

– Ceramic
– Dishwasher safe 
– Microwave safe
– 284ml

Care Instructions

We recommend hand washing these mugs to retain their beautiful colours.


Restaurant Activism Cards


Want more vegan options in your town? Are you sick of just getting one choice of meal when eating out and it’s usually tomato pasta or something boring like that? Why should you only get one or two options when you are the one eating cruelty-free? 

Time for a change

The fact of the matter is this: the reason why there aren’t more vegan options in your local cafes/restaurants is because the owners think there is no demand – WELL THERE IS! There are literally vegans everywhere.

If your local eateries knew that there were more vegans around they would serve more vegan food because, quite simply, they would make more money.

More to the point, if meat eaters get to choose 20 options from the menu – why is it fair that vegans just get one or two options? 

Let’s make a positive change using this effective activism technique:

5 Steps of Action

1 – Buy cards from Vegan Food UK

2 – Carry cards with you everywhere you go

3 – Next time you eat vegan food in a cafe/restaurant, leave the card on the table or where you pay the bill

4 – Owner of cafe will read card and realise that a vegan came into the cafe for vegan food. And next time there will probably be more vegan meal options. If not, repeat steps 2-4 

5 – Spread the message far and wide! “I ATE HERE BECAUSE YOU SELL VEGAN FOOD!”

(Vegan Food UK does not make profit on these cards)


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